The Next Steps

Well, what happens next? 

The first time I will talk to you  will be a 15-20 minute consultation free of charge. It is a chance for me to get personal details about you, introducing boundaries around working in therapy together, getting a general background of what issues we can work together, but most important to sense that therapeutic alliance between us, as this will allow us to move forward. 

Regular commitment is needed in order to see benefits.


My Fees are: 

Adult: £50 for 50 minutes

Students: £35 for 50 minutes

Due to COVID-19 sessions will be £40 for adults, and £30 for students, online only.

I can offer short or long term therapy.

I am happy to reduce fees to those who are on benefits, or are having financial difficulty.

Sea Shell


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am currently offering sessions via phone, or Zoom. Please contact for availability, or for any concerns about online and telephone therapy.  

I offer sessions face to face, telephone and Zoom.